7 Tips For Displaying No Smoking Signs

A number of years ago when my husband and I were flying to some destination which I have now forgotten, it was necessary for us to fly American Eagle out of Fort Smith, AR, to connect with American at Dallas. To say that trip was not a pleasant one would be an understatement.

The applause was raucous as I left the podium. I didn’t do an altar call; Pastor Franklin always did that himself. I shook hands with the pastor and a few others, accepted the love offering check from the church business manager in the Atrium, walked straight to my truck, and left.

As the new president, Mr. Obama’s going to have his hands full. The economy is in turmoil, jobless rates are skyrocketing, unpopular wars are draining already waning resources, global warming, and so on and so on. I can’t even imagine what all he’ll be facing the first week of running the country. But I have moved my family, and I am concerned that Mr. Obama won’t have time to attend to all of the move-in details.

Recently, smokers are no longer welcome. In the US, many indoor restaurants and other places already post Security Signs on their wall. Therefore, another benefit of quitting smoking is to be welcome by every place you visit.

The church was crowded for a Saturday evening service, and the worship band was just finishing a rocking praise song as I stood at the edge of the platform waiting to speak. Unlike many preachers, I loved huge crowds. I needed the instant feedback, the knowing at exactly what point I connected with them. That was why, even when taping my syndicated radio show, I liked to have a live audience.

My son used this costume last year as a kindergartener and he was the talk of the school! This costume can be put together in just a few moments, provided you blow up the balloons ahead of time. Directions can be found here .

Another sign announced, “($$$) fine for pick-ups here.” I’ve forgotten how much the fine would be if you were caught breaking the rule. Not that anyone could, due to guards patrolling the area. We told them we were instructed to meet our ride there and they told us in no uncertain terms that we would have to go to the area below in “short-term parking” to be picked up. We plodded back across the street, back through the terminal, down a long ramp, and back outside, where we called our relative to tell her where to pick us up.

We smoked for a while and talked about the latest story Zeke was working on, which of course accused the mayor of being a stooge of Dallas real estate developers. An hour later I got up to leave.

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7 Tips For Displaying No Smoking Signs

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