Bridge Camera Vs Digital Slr

A friend of mine has been cajoled into buying DSLR since it has been a fad nowadays. He purchased unnecessary accessories for his DSLR since he doesn’t have a bit of idea what he wants exactly. So, he eagerly asked me some guidelines in buying DSLR for those enthusiastic newbie who are just starting out exploring the world of DSLR camera.

You need to decide the type of prom photography you want. Do you want candid shots of the entire event? While this isn’t very common, some high schools do choose to have a candid photographer at their prom. The most common type of prom photographer in San Diego will have a studio setup to take posed shots of the couples and their friends.

So you have a birthday event coming up. Or perhaps a business function. Or maybe a concert that you worked so hard for. The budget’s ready and almost all details are set. And then you sit down, peruse your budget one more time and realize that you have not tapped a photographer to cover your event yet. You figure perhaps you can just do the documenting tasks yourself or maybe a friend or a relative can take snapshots all throughout the event photography dc rates. Less expenses, less hassles. Or so you thought.

In the photograph above you can see detail in the river only because it was taken during a full moon. With a great deal of experience shooting the northern lights Hansel has a few tips to improve your odds of getting that wonderful shot.

The “nifty 50” or 50mm prime lens has traditionally found itself to be the workhorse of many professional photographers. It is offered as a 50mm f/1.4 and is well suited for portraiture and documentary work. This lens gives beautiful color saturation and intense rich blurring, or bokeh, outside of its narrow depth of field. The professional series offers a maximum aperture of f/1.2. Use this lens for close portraiture, and interior detail photography. In low light situations this lens excels at stopping the action, but be aware that the small depth of field may cause focus issues in rapidly changing subjects as they move outside of its small range.

Get plenty of ‘standard’ shots in, and early. The more photos you have of different people, the more sales you are likely to make. Although standard shots are not the most exciting images but will give you the base to go on and take more risky hit or miss shots of high action and emotion with the confidence of knowing you have images to fall back on. Having a friendly approach with everyone can help you to go a long way. Stop and talk with a parent for a minute or two while shooting or just walking through the crowd. Surviving is that all needed even the business that you run loses money or breaks even. Many don’t look at it that way and think if they just keep plugging away they’ll get a big break, well sometimes you may have to make on your own.

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