Creating Wealth: Work From Home With Online Business

Remember the Kevin Costner movie where it was said, “Build it and they will come!”? That worked like a miracle, and it was after all a baseball field … and it involved a miracle or two.

(SEO) Tip 1 Rule #1 of search engine optimization SEO. Prevent your website design to interfere in such a way that the code hinders the spider bot from being able to index it. Which means avoiding pages with graphics and no text pages that contain all images, or flash only. I must say that web design and SEO should go hand in hand. When someone lands on a website and encounters is a log-in page, before being able to see the site information text or content, then that is what spiders will see and it will pause right their, so think a little further and let experts in the field show you step by step what you should do.

Why not just package this idea and sell it tomorrow to someone else. If it’s a good deal, you can even get a commission of total profits made from the idea. That way you can raise money to advance other equally good ideas.

Before you start creating your Web site, excellent advice is begin spending some time analyzing other well-designed sites. Upon locating a Web site similar to the one that you want to create, study it and not browse the site. When you are at the site, identify what you like and dislike about the design. Also, when you research a site and if you like it, make notes on what you like about the styling concepts and how you may want to follow the design. As well, when you research a site, if you dislike it, make sure to avoid the items you do not favor so that you will not use them in you site.

MONEY! Will you need an online payment processor like Paypal? Will you accept credit cards or will you expect customers to fax or post orders to you? Or email an order to you? You need to do some research to work out what is the best solution for you. Join webmaster forums or forums related to your industry, to find out what other people use; ask questions; don’t be shy.

“Search engine robots follow standard links with slashes, but dynamic pages, generated from databases or content management systems, have dynamic URLs with question marks (?) and other command punctuation such as &, %, and $…

Fonts that are too small. Use fonts that are easy to read since this may have a big impact. Not all your site visitors have a perfect vision and eyes can deteriate over time. Also consider making your site W3C compliant so that even the blind can read it with a screen reader. Make sure you don’t use images that contain text, as screen-reading software will not be able to “read” them.