Fashion For Hire – For Practicality

“You know when women go to black-tie parties, they carry those little purses?” Ms. Rees, a founder, with Mr. Corre, of the English Catsuits Lingerie line Agent Provocateur, asked a few days ago over coffee and cigarettes on the SoHo Grand Hotel.

Many of us are not going to bare our stomachs and wear bra tops, but there are many pieces that we can all wear that would transition our clothes into fall. Place a turtleneck under the boyfriend jacket, put on her acid-wash jeans and a high heel boot. This would make a great chic look for fall. A big theme in her show was using her bold leather belts on her clothing pieces. Wearing these belt will help accentuate your curves. Take one of her edgy dresses, and place a dark t-shirt underneath it, put some black leggings on, and belt the dress for a hip, funky, fall look. You could also use these belts as ties for your jackets, and give definition to your bulky sweaters.

You have to be very strong. I mean strong in your style. Every teacher will try to influence you a bit too much. Try hard to be yourself, and keep your self-esteem high. But don’t deny the communication between you and who’s around you: your teacher will eventually disagree on your choices, but if you’re sure about yourself and your style, they will respect your ideas.

Even with the technical and merchandising skills that can be acquired through a design school, young designers should know it takes more than a great looking garment to be a successful designer. Time and time again I see start-ups so focused on designing beautiful garments that they miss the bigger picture.

However, the fashion bug never left me. It got worse actually when my first daughter was born. I started sewing dresses and skirts for her that were one of a kind. Needless to say parents of other kids were asking me where I got them from. I just used to smile and reply – from abroad.

A good Luxury book when bought must be preserved after it has been used. Take adequate care of it and keep it well and protected. Don’t throw it away or damage it when you have seen all there is to see in it as you will require the same information again.

Raassi found herself making her way to the top of the swimwear industry. Raassi collaborated with the Washington Wizards Dance Team in 2009 to provide swimwear for the dance team’s swimsuit calendar. She was also the official swimwear sponsor of the 2010 Miss Universe Pageant. Raassi truly uses her role in the fashion industry to empower other women and believes in supporting causes to help women grow and be successful.

Some celebrities go a bit overboard and take things to an extreme, but others just spoil their pet just as you and I would if we had the extra money to do it. Pink for instance gives her Bulldog “Elvis” only bottled water. Oprah only buys her dogs’ designer collars such as the Burberry collar she bought for Sophie. These are just a few of the celebrities that are constantly in the news for being crazy about their pets. One thing is for sure, if I was an animal, I would want to be a Celebritys’ Pet.

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