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One of the most important elements for the success of your digital marketing plan are landing pages, especially if you are using paid traffic campaigns such as PPC (Pay Per Click) ads. A Landing Page is a page created for users to carry out a very specific action (an email subscription, a sale, etc.), which -well designed- helps to greatly increase your conversion rate.

For those who are a little techy, starting a Podcast is another great way to earn money and become a star. Compared to YouTube, Podcasting is a bit more liberal and no holds barred. You can curse and talk about adult stuff on air. What’s great about this form of Internet media is that your subscribers can download your episodes and store it in their iPod. Thus, they can listen or watch your podcast wherever they are.

By leveraging creative vision and with artful humor, Kevin Keator has found a program that delivers online Online-Portal to the viewers of Orange County. Better yet, look at this great tu van digital marketing video for a local company in Newport Beach, CA, is the second episode for easyOC TV. We see Kevin Keator and his Hostess travel around Balboa Fun Zone in search of fun things to do and places to eat. Pay Close attention to Seaside Bike Rental as they were amazing! So sit back and relax, there is a whole world to explore. Especially when looking for things to do in Orange County.

How do Entrepreneurs get their clients? While 85% of respondents found clients through word-of-mouth, 31.9% found customers through their website, 32.8% through other business partnerships, and 27.4% through social networking and forums. Cold calling ranked way down at 15%… eye-opening figures for sure. Perhaps we should not be afraid to try new marketing mediums.

Further decline in Google marketing is witnessed by com Score, when it compares the present market share with that of previous. In February Google disclosed its share to be 65.5% which has now dropped to 63.7% in May, further down in June by 62.6%. Thus in a series of these four months, Google has lost some of its market to its small competitor.

Link Appeal Tool – Is a link from your website really worth it? Find out with this tool how valuable your website is based on several factors. Aim to get links from sites of higher value than yours.

Parking details will be sent to registered ticket holders. We will have free and discounted parking available. The Light Rail also stops very close to the event on 3rd and Mill.

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