Get More Traffic With These Internet Marketing Tactics

A great function of LinkedIn is the ability to conduct polls. Polls are a great way to reach out to your customer base, while at the same time getting free, but valuable, market research. You can then offer value to your business contacts and partners by sharing the results with them.

Public profile URLs with lots of numbers, letter and slashes at the end. You can change these to end with your name. Is that name taken? Try last name followed by first name, or use an initial or two, or insert dashes… you can figure this one out.

That way you will be able to see how far you have come and how much more you have to go to achieve your goal, seeing your progress will encourage you.

Find like minded people and make plenty of connections, use social media like twitter, MySpace, Facebook and use Facebook groups in your market or close to your market, linkedin, blog’s and any other social networking site you can think of.

One way to attract potential hiring managers to your profile is by putting up a good headline and summary. However, every time you make changes, LionkedIn puts out an update, which will be noticed by your connections. This can be fixed by simply turning off the updates. For this, go to Privacy Settings and look for Profile and Status Updates. Here, you can simply prevent the updates from being broadcasted to your connections.

Build linkedin profiles more trust. Being connected to more people, you will again be contributing to the trust factor of your profile. People would rather do business with a contact of a connection or friend than with somebody whom they know nothing about. When you come across somebody you know, think about whether you can provide them with a testimonial, and then ask if they could do the same for you. Testimonials are important for trust building.

Checking on Monster, CareerBuilder, Jobing and Craigslist right now is a fast track to a bad mood. Seeing a decline in the amount of available jobs can have a very disheartening effect.

I provide a content marketing strategy for clients and you are welcome to use this strategy to help you outline your own – Content Marketing Strategy. If you want your strategy to be successful you must be consistent, which means making a time commitment to do implement your strategy on a regular basis. If this is a piece you are ready to outsource I’d be happy to assist you.

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