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We all know how expensive it can be to find the tools we need to keep ourselves up-to-date and organized. Add up the costs of various diaries, planners, calendars, software and cases and the totals can really mount up. But it shouldn’t have to cause chaos to your bank balance to get your day-to-day activities in order.

Price — Some beads are easy to price compare. If you want to buy Swarovski Crystallized Elements they are uniform in color and size so it’s easy to find the online bead store with the best price (don’t forget to factor in shipping cost). For other types of beads, it’s not as easy to be sure you’re getting the right price. But you can still compare based on the description of the item. I recently purchased mixed gemstone donuts from 2 different sites — the quality from each was comparable, but the price was higher on one — and not only did the higher priced supplier have a higher shipping cost, they also charged a handling fee. When you know the type and size of the bead you want to buy online, price comparing is much easier.

Build a Bear: There is currently an online promotion for Buy 1 Get 1 Free. You can choose from a Boxer, Jack Russell, Beagle, Yorkie, Yellow Lab or Collie. Use elixinol 96050 at checkout. The animals are $22 each but will be $11 each when you figure in the discount. You can also order these unstuffed and take to a Build a Bear store to do the stuffing! The sale is good until March 13, 2011.

U-verse single pack provides you with up to 80 channels of exceptional television programming and a DVR for only $29. The U-Verse Internet Pro Double Pack gives you the same 80 channels with an HD ready DVR as well as Internet with up to 3 Mbps download speed for $69 a month. The ultimate package, U-Verse Internet Pro, Voice 250 adds on phone service for $99 a month.

My friend makes his living on the internet, so I knew I could trust him when he showed me how to save money by using coupons from eBay. Now, do not take it personally.

Size — the sizing of beads is tricky for those of us in the U.S because beads are sized according to the metric system and we learned to size things in inches. You need to know that 4mm is a pretty small bead and that 30mm is fairly large. And it’s not just beads sized this way. Many of the findings you use when beading are sized in millimeters like wire and jump rings. Find a good online bead size chart (Google “bead size chart” and images) before buying beads and beading supplies online.

However, software discount cannot be considered as a myth because that is reality and these days it is possible to buy software that is on discount. Not some software, but most of the software can be purchased with a discount. And the best thing is that you don’t need to scout the web for hours to find that discount and to be able to claim it. Now all that is available for you and others on oone olace.

I’ve put together over two dozen gift guides to help you find the perfect gifts this holiday season. I’m breaking down the categories to suit children’s personalities from bug lovers to little scientists, artists and more. I also have gift guides for new parents, moms, dad, and grandparents. You can see all of those HERE all season long. Be sure to check back as there’s lots more to come.

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