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How to make money online, month after month, by creating a simple website, in about 45 minutes, even if you have no clue how to make a website. We’ll show you EXACTLY how to create a website that the search engines will love, with just the click of a few buttons, and you’ll start getting plenty of visitors and buyers to your site within a week. Newbies are welcome! You will instantly have an unfair advantage over 99% of all other internet entrepreneurs.

The larger the website you build, the more free visitors you will get (as long as you understand Search Engine Optimisation, more on that later). So, if you are building a website to either promote an existing business, or to make money from the website in it’s own right (for example by having adverts on the site from which you make an income), bigger is usually better.

Perhaps you have paid attention to how most publications use a single primary photo on their front page? Placing a couple of photos on the front page is considered to be poor: the reader doesn’t know exactly where to look.

The easiest option is through Wealthy Affiliate though. It is a training site that shows you how to make a website, get traffic, and make money. It is a very detailed site with a lot of training, videos, and tools.

Keyword competition is very important for Internet marketers doing both ppc and article marketing. Competition for ppc will have an impact on the price you have to pay for your keywords and for those of you doing article marketing it will determine how difficult or how easy it is to get ranked high in search engines search results. Ideally you would like to be ranked first under most competitive keywords but that is extremely difficult and not very likely to happen unless you have significant amount of experience, devote a lot of work and some considerable resources.

The result of that tool is that a website I started 18 months ago is getting 600+ visitors a day with no advertising costs. And I’m still adding pages to it!

The best answers about how to make a website, where to buy a domain, where to open a host account and which tutorial course to use are on forums. According to my experience the best answers I have got on forums.

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