Mini Spy Cameras: Real Or Only In Hollywood?

You may be traveling on business, going to visit relatives, or taking a much-needed vacation for yourself. However you travel, you might do it better after reading this article. The following tips apply to many aspects of traveling.

Plan breakfast the night before. Even setting out the boxes of cereal and bowls can give you a few extra minutes in the morning. You can do so many things for breakfast if you take a minute the night before. You can cook oatmeal in the slow cooker (see Alton Brown’s easy slow cooker oatmeal recipe and make your own adaptations ) You can also make French toast the night before and pop it into the oven to bake while everyone wakes and dresses.

The next step is to decide what your budget is and what type of photography the person likes to do. At the low end, you should be able to find a very good point-and-shoot digital camera for $200-$300. In the $300-$400 range, for just a little more, you can get a much higher resolution camera with the latest image chip technology. If the person is someone who wants to become a photographer someday, or an advanced hobbyist, you will want to look into a digital single lens reflex (DSLR) like the Canon Digital Rebel series. These cost about $800 with a lens. Nikon has a competing model also. The DSLR’s usually have better performance then point-and-shoot models and the ability to change lenses. They also have the highest image quality.

People: Who, what niche or market, has the problems that you will solve? Do they have a common interest or need such as they need to lose weight or they’re technophobic? Are they members of a particular demographic group – working parents, baby boomers, etc. How will you market to this target group? An important aspect of monetizing a passion is to know who needs or wants what you have. This means your target may not be individuals; rather it maybe small or large businesses who need what you are offering.

3) Clean out yours and everyone elses garage. This is the old fashion way. Sell things around the house. Baseball cards, furniture, Consumer Electronics. Put it on line and let them bid for it and see what you get.

If you own a cell phone with a camera, then you can also have a device called a bar code reader by downloading its application on your camera. Companies like Red Laser and Shop Savvy have developed the associated applications and are readily available for you to download onto your mobile phone. When you go out for shopping to a retailer shop to buy something you can start the application and then focus your cell phone camera on the bar code of the item. The application will then take scan the code and search the Internet for the same item at several sellers and compare the prices. This is the most efficient way to find the best price of the item you wanted to buy.

Next is the WEP420. Designed by Bang & Olufson, the WEP420 is like a more stylish, big brother to the WEP410. In addition to the features on the 410 the 420 also has a noise reduction feature which comes in handy when using this device while driving. You can score one of these for around $25.

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