Solutions For Increasing Fuel Efficiency Don’t Always Work

After many months of this, I thought, “Here are the people who say they believe in God, but no one knows why!” I felt much like I did when I learned the truth about Santa Claus. It seemed obvious that God was completely fabricated. Maybe some people needed to believe in God. But clearly there was no proof. No objective evidence. I came to the most stark conclusion…God did not actually exist.

The medical establishment doesn’t really know why some people’s minds deteriorate at a faster rate than others but the consensus is that staying mentally active is very important. It shouldn’t be left until we retire either. Those gray cells need a work out when we are middle aged. Activities such as doing the crossword, sudoku and other puzzle games are all helpful. Games like chess and backgammon can also help to increase brain power. The brain is like any other muscle. It will shrivel with lack of use. Set yourself challenges.

I went to bed and the next morning wondered if God was still there. And honestly, I kind of “sensed” that he was. One thing I knew for sure. I immediately had a huge desire to get to know this God whom I now believed in.

During this time I was developing (what I thought was) a very personally-built philosophy. Later I identified it as existentialism, pretty thoroughly.

When it comes to the possibility of God’s existence, the Bible says that there are people who have seen sufficient evidence, but they have suppressed the truth about God.1 On the other hand, for those who want to know God if he is there, he says, “You will seek me and find me; when you seek me with all your heart, I will be found by you.”2 Before you look at the facts surrounding God’s existence, ask yourself, If God does exist, would I want to know him? Here then, are some reasons to consider…

Diet. Let’s get one thing out of the way – greasy foods do not cause acne. There is no presuppositional apologetics that foods that are considered bad for our overall health have a direct link with acne. But there are foods that are considered good for helping to treat acne, and our skin in general.

There’s a quote somewhere that God could not create a violin without Stradivari. It implies that God must work through Man (Mankind). God only affects the world through the actions of women and men. You blame God for the state of things, but do you ever deny the urge to help a homeless man? How else is God supposed to care for that man? God cannot nurture the world without you, and cannot change the course of events without you. My Mother works through me, and so everyone I touch with Compassion is being touched by God. That’s Man acting as God.

We are bound to be sluggish if we constantly fill ourselves with fast food. Exercise is important too if you want to increase brain power. Mind and body working together is the best way to keep the brain ticking.

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