Summer Safe Driving Forget

While car dealers and consumers in the US are busy pondering the usefulness, marketability and profitability of the Smart Car, the MICRO car in Italy and elsewhere in Europe is turning heads and may just give the Smart Car a run for its money.

Silly warranty claims. I’ve heard of one reseller that was offering a 10 year full warranty. Boasting of a great warranty but having no warranty support is very poor form.

They have removable covers, which are easy to wash, hard wearing and spare covers also available. Child comfort and safety is high on the list of essentials so the harness and seat are well padded and adjustable. A side protection system ensures maximum protection for your child. They can all be secured with a standard 3-point seat belt apart from the PrioriFix, which uses the isofix system.

To ensure maximum safety for the passenger and the driver, the car is equipped with power windows, rearview mirror with auto dimmers, remote keyless mechanism, dual front and side Landing Airbag, and overhead airbag. Speed control, power door mirrors, turn signal indicator mirrors, brake assist, traction control, four-wheel disc brake, and ignition disable are some of the many other salient safety features provided in this car. Powerful halogen lamps make the car safe for night driving.

In my meeting with the insurance representative, I learned that having more insurance makes insurance less expensive. Unless you’re under 25, then there really isn’t anything you can do. Except! If you fill out this book about safe driving we’ll knock $60 off your premium. This tells me that insurance is at least $60 overpriced.

Get on board the vintage steamer Ernest Kemp and take a two-hour cruise around picturesque Lake Taupo. This wonderful old boat dates back to early last century and has been lovingly restored and painted in classic steam boat colours of red, green and white.

The Dreamwave Technology actually provides that passive motion that is so hard to do in a clinical situation. If you can get into the seat just to sit down, the chair will do the rest. Using the Dreamwave feature, you will feel the chair seat move in an undulating figure-8 motion from side to side. It also has an up and down component to the movement. It is so very soothing.

Brand names include, but are not necessarily limited to, Inada, Human Touch, Sanyo, Panasonic, Osaki, Elite, OSIM, and Omega. Do your homework!! The internet is a vast resource to find out what the scoop is on massage chairs and their manufacturers. Find out how their customer support is. Even with the name brands chairs. And, when you buy from an online retailer, make sure you do some homework on that retailer too. Buy from someone reputable and with good roots in the business.

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