Working From Home – The Good And The Bad

In this Q&A, Michael Prescott, bestselling author of 22 titles, discusses the best and worst aspects of being a writer and his personal experience with traditional, indie *and* hybrid publishing.

After I graduated, I learnt quickly that I must know how it works… And more importantly, why it was implemented. Now, from the next paragraph onwards, I want you not to take my words as facts. My opinion hereon is merely for discussion purposes. If you do not agree with me, please do not assume my stand or bias-ness.

Separate yourself: How will you answer this question from a potential customer: Why should I choose your product or service over all the competitive options available to me? The answer to this is your USP. Your Unique Selling Proposition. Every business can (and should!) have its own USP. This is what differentiates you from your competition. What’s your differentiating factor(s)?

Discovering how to sell from home would completely change your life as you know it. If you have the motivation to be the next success story and accomplish your goals, you can do anything. The beauty about learning how to sell from home is that you are your own boss! No longer will you be making your boss all the “real” money. You will be making yourself the big bucks. Did you know that 66.7 percent of millionaires are becoming self employed?

If you are on the right path, if you are following the plan to wealth, and building your cash flow, growth and speculation strategies, every once and awhile you will have a BIG HIT. A Win Fall. It may take the form of a stock running long (like Google), with huge profits. It may take the form of a real estate deal that you sell for 100k, when you thought you would get 25k. Or a business opportunity, that just drops in your lap. These are BIG HITS. The reason, you get them, is because you are looking for general opportunites. As you look for solid opportunites, every once and a while you fall into a GREAT deal. Thank your stars and keep going.

Should you have fair to poor credit your best choices will likely be home based business opportunities. They tend to offer lower start up costs, require no credit checks and can be ran online as well as offline. Most are easy to promote with free methods like article marketing, press releases and SEO. Even when you do spend money on advertising, the costs are $10’s of thousands less than traditional businesses.

If I were starting out now, I’d probably go the indie self-published ebook route, at least at first. But I’d also try to get professional feedback from a freelance editor, because you need someone to tell you where you’ve messed up. And I’d hire a professional copy editor to clean up the text.

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